Equi-Block Leg Tightener

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Size: 16 oz
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Equi-Block Leg Tightener & Liniment


Topical Pain Reliever of Champions - Award Winner

  • Penetrates deep to soothe joints, tighten ligaments, tendons and relieve sore muscles
  • Menthol cools muscle groups and tendons providing immediate comfort after strenuous activity 

Equi-Block® LT Formula is a super strength leg tightener and liniment.  LT can be used as a daily leg brace and pain reliever for minor aches and pain or for the treatment of lameness caused by injury, overexertion, arthritis or related issues, especially where swelling is involved.  Equi-Block® LT penetrates deep to sooth joints, tighten ligaments and tendons, reduce muscle soreness and help reduce swelling.  Equi-Block® LT helps to increase circulation and range of motion without masking injuries.  Use this product for bowed tendons, pulled ligaments, curb and splint pain, wind puffs and related joint swelling, back pain, minor to intermediate stifle problems and arthritis pain relief.



16 fl oz (473 ml)