I.V. Set for Small & Large Animal

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I.V. Set:   COILED PRIMARY I.V. SET with SWIVEL and SECURITY TAB (for small animal) & STAT LARGE ANIMAL I.V. SET (for large animal)
Fluid path and areas under undisturbed end protectors in intact package are: 
  • Sterile
  • Nonpyrogenic
  • Nontoxic
  • Latex-Free 
For Small Animals:  COILED PRIMARY I.V. SET with SWIVEL and SECURITY TAB:  Sterile, disposable, primary I.V. set with 20 drop/ml vented drip chamber (with protective fluid spike cap on vent port), 360 degree inline swivel, security tab to secure fluid spike to fluid container, two Y-injection sites, roller flow control clamp, on/off clamp, 10 foot polyurethane coil, 14 inches of tubing beyond coil, releasable strap to secure set to patient, and distal SPIN-LOCK™ male Luer connector. Set is fully compatible with the GYRO Fluid Hanger and SUPREME Ball Bearing Swivel.
For Large Animals:  STAT LARGE ANIMAL I.V. SET:  Sterile, disposable, large bore I.V. set with two fluid bag spikes, 10 foot polyurethane coil, large drip chamber, Y-injection port, screw-type flow control clamp, on/off cross clamp, distal rotating SPIN-LOCK™ male Luer connector, and releasable securing strap, capable of delivering 28 liters/hr of fluids by gravity. 
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