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For post foaling or aborting infected mares, the product may be used with other fluids and antibiotics. For the most efficient use of the product, other fluids such as saline lavage solutions may be used to remove debris from the uterus. After the debris and fluid are removed, infuse the uterus with undiluted UterineAde. UterineAde will promote the contraction of the uterus and will aid in clearing the uterus of excessive fluid. Use UterineAde daily until the uterus returns to normal.


Each 100 cc contains 20 grams of mannose and other monosaccharide sugars; 0.85 grams of sodium chloride, natural trace essential minerals from sea salts, buffered with sodium salts of organic acids and purified water.


UterineAde may be used in combination with antibiotics to treat and prevent antibiotic resistant bacterial infections in mares and stallions.

UterineAde was originally developed to treat and prevent bacterial infections caused by Taylorella equigenitalis, the causative organism for contagious equine metritis.  The overuse of antibiotics and potent disinfectants to treat T. equigenitalis,and similar pathogens caused bacteria to become antibiotic resistant leading to super bacterial infections.  Seemingly, when bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, they are more pathogenic and induce severe diseases of various tissues and organs including the reproductive tract.  Mares carrying these antibiotic resistant bacteria are not only more difficult to get pregnant, but may also spread venereal bacteria to stallions.  Then these antibiotic resistant venereal bacteria may spread to other mares.


Available:  250 ml and 1 gallon