Legends Soft White Goat Hair Peanut-Shaped Face Brush

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Legends™ Soft White Goat Hair Peanut-Shaped Face Brush

Kiln-dried, double-lacquered, peanut-shaped hardwood brush block with the softest white goat hair.

Soft white goat hair and the petite dimensions of our peanut-shaped face brush provide a gentle grooming experience for the super-sensitive equine facial areas.

Legends­™ Face Grooming Brushes are designed for gently grooming sensitive faces and ears. Legends™ has the right brush for every grooming need! In addition to this softer white goat hair face brush, check out our Legends™ "Peanut" Brushes in soft, brilliantly dyed horsehair.  Net fiber length is 1", unless noted otherwise.