Equi-Block Daily Treatment

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Equi-Block Daily Treatment
Topical Pain Reliever of Champions - Award Winner
Contains Capsaicin (.025%)
  • Formulated as a cost effective, long term daily care solution
  • Veterinarian recommended and barn tested
  • Treats chronic pain due to injury or arthritis
  • For temporary relief of minor aches and pain in joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments due to overexertion, old injury flare-ups, arthritis or related conditions
  • Other chronic pain conditions 
Equi-Block DT Formula is a cost effective topical pain reliever.  DT is specifically formulated to treat chronic pain caused by old injury flare-ups or arthritis related issues typically seen in older horses.  Powered by all natural Capsaicin, DT dilates the blood vessels to feed nutrients to the affected area then progressively depletes the chemical, Substance P, that is needed to send the pain signal to the brain.  Consistent applications of DT over a period of 2 weeks will most often show dramatic results; range of motion will be increased and your horse will exhibit a more comfortable gait.  Unlike drugs that can mask pain, Equi-BlockĀ® DT Formula will dramatically reduce the pain while allowing your horse to more safely participate in routine activities. 
16 fl oz (473 ml)