AniMed Muscle-Up Powder

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Muscle-UP with ProbioticsMuscle-UP is for use in horses to support normal muscle, nerves and circulatory systems.  The ingredient Lacto-Mos supports healthy digestion, proper gut flora and pH.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS PER OUNCE:  Potassium 2675mg, Sodium 1750mg, Sugar (electrolyte) 1063mg, Gamma Oryzanol 1000mg, Creatine 1000mg, DMG 900mg, Vitamin E 875IU, Calcium 550mg, Magnesium 200mg, Folic Acid 175mg, Phosphorus 100mg, Thiamine (B-1) 46mg, Vitamin C 40mg, Niacin 35mg, l-Carnatine 25mg, Chromium 17mg, Iron 10mg, Zinc 8mg, Omega 3 Fatty Acid 3.5%, Live Lactic Acid Bacteria 1.5million CFU

INACTIVE INGREDIENTS:  Dried Brewers Yeast and Fermentation Solubles, Stabilized Rice Bran, Flaxseed Meal

Available: 2.5 lb, 5 lb